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5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies usually include issues that have to do with the teeth, jaw, gum, and mouth and requires immediate treatment. This may not necessarily be causing any form of discomfort, but in some instances, it could also include having pains in these areas.

Choosing the right emergency dentist will not only help save time but will also save resources while ensuring you and your loved ones receive the best dental care when there is an emergency. But there are some things you need to carefully put into consideration when making a choice of an emergency dentist. Below are the top 5 factors to guide you through.

#1: Carefully consider the reputation of the dentist

When it comes to times of emergency, the best way to relieve any pain and discomfort is to visit a dentist you can trust. One way to be sure you are visiting a competent dentist is to take a look at his or her reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other online platforms.

Choosing a dentist with a very good reputation in dentistry will make you relax, knowing that you will receive the best oral care treatment for your emergency needs.

#2: Check their accessibility and waiting time

It is very important to choose an emergency dentist with a real-time dental scheduling platform and one that won’t keep you waiting when you visit.

Getting a timely treatment can help prevent future dental problems. For instance, when a patient suffering from a periodontal disease that may result in tooth loss arrives at a dental clinic, it should be treated immediately.

So, when choosing your emergency dentist, ensure you consider the availability of your dentist. A dentist that operates within a broad range of hours means he or she will be available to give you fast treatment when you needed it most. Always check their working hours so you won’t be disappointed when an emergency comes.

#3: Quality of care and facilities

If you are looking to have good oral health, you need to choose a perfect dentist that will treat you for both regular dental treatments and emergency. So, ask your friends and family for recommendations of a good dentist. Do this before visiting any dental office.

Look out for standard care facilities, and if you are considering the same emergency dentist for your kids, I will suggest you also consider fun and friendly environment that will make your kids feel relax and calm.

#4: Affordability

This is another important factor to put into considerations. The costs of dental emergencies do vary based on the dental option and procedure involved. Simple procedures tend to be far cheaper than more intricate dental treatments.

#5: Also consider its proximity to your home

How far is your home from your emergency dentist? It is an emergency, so you need to get treatments as soon as you can. But when your emergency dentist is far away from your home, it could cause delayed treatment which could lead to some unexpected complications. So, when you are choosing your emergency dentist, make sure you are choosing one that is not very far away from you.

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Flossing Before Brushing, Is It Good Or Bad?

Flossing Before Brushing, Is It Good Or Bad?

This is the quintessential question that has been debated for long now leading to many different theories.

One argument holds that flossing should be done before brushing since flossing loosens the plaque food particles lodged between your teeth making it easier for these to be removed when you brush.

Also, the cleaning agents in your toothpaste will make better contact with your teeth once they are rid of plaque and food particles coating them.flossing or brushing?

A contrary theory to this recommends brushing is better before flossing because brushing removes a bulk of the plaque.

Flossing afterwards causes the cleaning agents left over in your mouth after brushing make better contact with your teeth by forcing them into the spaces between your teeth. This ensures better oral hygiene

While there is no clear consensus on whether flossing before brushing is good or bad, the good news is if you’re asking yourself this question, you are doing both – flossing and brushing – which is excellent for your oral health.

However, if given an option, many people would choose to brush their teeth and not floss.

Flossing has always been considered secondary to brushing and this perhaps stems from the fact that we’re told in our childhood ‘brush first, then floss’.

It is perhaps this ingrained mindset which makes many of us think flossing isn’t as important as brushing and just brushing teeth daily will prevent dental problems.

But, both are equally important and, irrespective of the order you do it in, doing both will help improve oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay and related dental problems.flossing healthy

Think of your teeth as fences. Imagine you’ve stained (painted) only the front and back of teeth to prevent them from rotting due to the moisture. If you haven’t stained the insides, they will start rotting on the inside.

The same applies to your teeth, brushing only cleans the front and back of your teeth while flossing cleans the spaces in between your teeth.

If you don’t floss, you can be susceptible to teeth decay setting in in the gaps between your teeth.

Whether you brush first and floss later or vice versa, it is important you do both for healthy teeth and to prevent dental problems in the long term.

If you need flossing tips and techniques, contact your dentist in Milton Keynes for more information.