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Inlays and onlays are dental treatments that repair, restore and strengthen damaged teeth.

What are inlays and onlays?

Inlays and onlays are similar to fillings however the difference being that they are made by our lab as opposed to being done chairside therefore requiring impressions and at least 2 appointments. They are generally used for teeth where a normal filling may not be appropriate or has been tried and previously failed. They are designed to reconstruct the shape and integrity of the tooth that has been damaged with their precision and resistance often allowing slightly more damaged teeth to be saved.  They are more often than not constructed from tooth coloured materials meaning they are unnoticeable after their placement.


An inlay is an insert that fills a gap in the centre of the top part of a damaged tooth. An inlay relieves tooth sensitivity and prevents further damage to the tooth.


An onlay is bonded to the exterior of a damaged or fractured tooth, restoring the structure, adding strength and limiting further damage.

What is the treatment for an inlay or onlay?

Thorough examination and treatment planning are first required before commencing treatment for any inlay or onlay work. If it has been decided by your dentist that it is the most suitable option then:

First appointment

Treatment will likely be carried out under local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. Your dentist first prepares the tooth to be treated by removing any damaged or decayed parts or any existing materials. A dental impression of the prepared tooth will then be taken along with the shade to ensure colour match and a temporary material placed in the cavity to protect it in the meantime. This will be sent to our lab who then makes a bespoke inlay or onlay that exactly fits the space in or on the prepared tooth.

Second appointment:

On your return visit, the temporary material will be removed and the insert will be positioned in or on the tooth and then permanently bonded in place. To complete the restoration, the surface is smoothed and polished for a comfortable bite and pleasing finish.

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