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Dental Fillings in Milton Keynes

Fillings are common dental treatments used to fill cavities often caused by decay or damage.

What is filling?

A filling is a common dental repair, where amalgam or resin composite material is used to fill a tooth cavity. Dental cavities are frequently caused by damage or decay and can cause tooth sensitivity, pain and possibly infection if left untreated.  

Fillings strengthen and extend the life of the tooth by preventing further damage. 

At Abacus Dental Care Milton Keynes, we aim to prevent tooth decay in our patient’s teeth wherever possible. Your dentist will coach you on diet and lifestyle changes that you can make that reduce the risk of tooth decay. 

What is the treatment for a dental cavity?

A dental X-ray of your teeth is normally taken to establish the extent of the cavity and will be shown to you. Your dentist will then numb the area around the damaged tooth with a local anaesthetic. 

Cavities can sometimes remain hidden under the tooth surface. The cavity will need to be opened out, and damaged and decayed parts of the tooth removed. The cavity is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it can be filled.

Grey amalgam or tooth-coloured composite resin is then placed into the cavity and shaped. When the material sets, the surface is smoothed off to remove any rough spots and is adjusted and your bite checked to ensure there is no discomfort when you close your teeth together, and the surface of the filling is then polished to finish the treatment. 

Do I need a dental filling?

You may require a dental filling treatment if you experience these symptoms: 

  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Pain when biting 
  • Discomfort when drinking hot or cold drinks
  • Bad breath
  • Dark spots on the tooth surface 

After an examination, your dentist will advise you on the most appropriate treatment, which may involve a filling.

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