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A dental crown restores a broken or weakened tooth, adds strength and helps prevent further damage.

What is a crown?

A dental crown is a cap the encompasses the top part of your tooth and is cemented on with the aim of protecting what remaining tooth structure there is left. They are custom-made from natural colour material such as porcelain, resin, or ceramic but can also be made from gold or non-precious metal alloys if aesthetics is not a primary concern.

A tooth coloured crown blends in with your natural teeth for colour and shape for a comfortable bite and a confident smile. The crown restores and strengthens the form and function of a damaged or decayed tooth. 

Why do I need a crown?

You may need a tooth crowned if you have:

What is the treatment for a crown?

Thorough examination and treatment planning are first required before commencing treatment for any crown work. If it has been decided by your dentist that it is the most suitable option then:

First appointment:

Treatment may be carried out under local anaesthetic to ensure the area is numb to minimise discomfort.

The damaged or weak parts of the tooth are removed and may need to be rebuilt before being reshaped in order to be ready for a crown and the shade for the crown taken if it is to be tooth coloured as to match your existing teeth.

Impressions of your teeth are taken from which the dental lab will make your unique new crown. Your dentist will likely fit a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being prepared to protect the prepared tooth and maintain space.

Second appointment:

 On your return visit, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and then check the fit, shape and appearance of the new crown. If you and the dentist are both happy with the crown then it will be cemented definitively and some adjustment can be made at this point in order to make sure it is comfortable.

How long do crowns last?

A dental crown is generally a long-lasting tooth restoration solution. A crown protecting and restoring a tooth with a healthy base and root can typically last up to 15 years or more provided it is meticulously cleaned and reviewed regularly.

At Abacus Dental Care, we use the latest technology and dental techniques. If you have a crown you are unhappy with for aesthetic or functional reasons, contact us for an appointment. 

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