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Precautions You Should Take With Dental Implants

Precautions You Should Take With Dental Implants


So you’ve finally regained your dazzling smile by using dental implants to get rid of those damaged and lost teeth. Congratulations! Now, you need to take certain precautions to ensure your dental implants are protected from damage so they can last longer. Here are a few precautions you should take after a dental implant procedure:

  • Refrain from irritating the implant: Once you have a dental implant inserted in your mouth, it is quite likely you could experience some discomfort and be tempted to adjust the implant. Refrain from doing so because adjusting the implant could cause inflammation and can also result in the implant coming loose in your mouth. If you do experience discomfort, consult your dental implant specialist in Milton Keynes.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water: You dental implant specialist in Milton Keynes will advise you not to brush your teeth for a certain period of time after a dental implant procedure. Instead, you will need to rinse your mouth with salt water at least thrice a day for about a week after you’ve received the implant.
  • Eat balanced meals: For the dental implant to become stable, it will have to grow bone around it. Eating balanced meals with an increased intake of calcium will help in building bone will help the implant stick in place firmly and allow it to work perfectly while eating and chewing.
  • Avoid sports that involve physical contact: If you are into physical sports, take a break from your routine for a week or two or for the duration advised by your dental implant specialist in Milton Keynes. Even a slight impact to the implant in the days following the procedure could cause it to shift from its original position which could, in turn, irritate your gums, result in an inflammation and cause you discomfort.
  • Examine the implant frequently: Once the dental implant has been inserted, be sure to examine the implant frequently to check if there is any bleeding or inflammation of the gums around the implant. If you notice any symptoms, you should contact your dental implants specialist in Milton Keynes right away.
  • Use non-abrasive toothpaste for brushing your teeth: Avoid abrasive toothpaste since the abrasive ingredients in these can erode the implant and damage it even causing the implant to fall off eventually.
  • Brush with care: Once you stop using salt water for rinsing your mouth and resume brushing your teeth again, you need to take care brush your teeth gently. Your dental implant specialist in Milton Keynes might even recommend a special interdental brush.

If you follow the above-mentioned recommendations, you can be sure your implants will work perfectly and will last for a longer time. If you have read about dental implants and are actively considering getting one, our experienced dental implants specialist in Milton Keynes will be glad to recommend the perfect solution.

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