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Restore missing teeth with dental implants: the gold standard

Restore your smile and missing teeth with dental implants: the gold standard for tooth replacement

Do you miss the freedom of smiling and eating with confidence now that you’ve lost a tooth, a few or even a mouth full of missing teeth?

Are you put off by the thought of wearing dentures or compromising your healthy teeth to have a bridge fitted?

Thankfully today there is a more effective, longer-lasting solution in Milton Keynes: Dental Implants.

Dental implants have been around for several decades and in that time have become more affordable, versatile and widely available.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s worth considering dental implants in Milton Keynes to restore your missing teeth.

dental implants milton keynes

A complete restoration

Dentures and dental bridges only replace the crowns of missing teeth, filling the gaps in your smile but not the gaps beneath your gums.

This is vital to the health of your jawbone as your tooth roots transmit vibrations from the daily clashing together of your teeth as you eat, chew and talk.

Without these vibrations, your jawbone deteriorates putting the stability of your remaining teeth at risk.

Dental implants are small titanium screws which are placed into the jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots.

Replacement dental crowns are then attached on top, providing a complete restoration which preserves the health of your jawbone.

Superior stability

Dentures are prone to shifting out of place, especially when you’re tackling tough or chewy foods.

While they start out well-fitting, as the jawbone deteriorates, they lose suction to the gums, which is essential to their stability.

Meanwhile, the stability offered by bridges requires 2 healthy teeth either side of the gap to be ground down and should these teeth fracture of experience decay, your bridge can fail.

Dental implants, however, are firmly anchored into the jawbone and stimulate new bone growth to secure them in place and restore full chewing power.


Built to last a lifetime

With good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups dental implants can last for several decades, even a lifetime, unlike dentures and bridges which require replacement every 5–10 years.

Discover more about dental implants

If you’re interested in dental implants in Milton Keynes to restore one, several or even an entire jaw of missing teeth, call us on 01908 26075 or send us a message via our Online Form

Are Dental Implants painful?

Are Dental Implants painful?

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Are Dental Implants PainfulDental implants are becoming popular, with patients in Milton Keynes, to those who are looking for a solution that is practical anDental Implantsaesthetically pleasing when replacing lost or decayed teeth.

However, many patients can worry that either the procedure itself will be painful, or that they may experience pain after.

This is completely understandable, but many of the horror stories surrounding dental procedures will normally date back to the days of old.

Easier Than Having a Tooth Taken Out

It’s fair to say that any dental procedure will often carry some form of discomfort, but it’s a far cry from the pain so many expect when having dental implants.

Not everyone will have had to have a tooth removed, but its safe to assume that many people have some form of experience. This is another dental procedure which can worry people but often find that there was little to worry about.

Having a dental implant is much easier than removing a tooth and as the jawbone is used, there are no nearby nerves that can cause pain.

Dental Sedation Milton Keynes

IV Sedation

If you’re keen to have dental surgery undertaken, but you’re still concerned or anxious about the procedure, then it can be a good idea to speak to our implant dentist, Dr Sukal Verma in advance.

To ensure the dental implant procedure is pleasant and pain-free, we offer IV sedation to help our clients relax whilst enjoying the feeling that they can say goodbye to missing teeth and gaps.

Are Dental Implants Painful? Will There Be Pain Following the Procedure?

Some may not worry about the procedure itself but worry that the work itself will be painful on the jaw for some time to come.

Although any dental procedure will mean a level of discomfort, this is often manageable. Should the pain be overwhelming, then painkillers may be needed for a few days, but the dentist carrying out the surgery will know what the best approach is following the surgery.

Considering Dental Implants?

If you’re looking to have dental implants but want to discuss your options in more detail, simply complete our Contact Form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you to answer any of your Dental Implant questions; such as: Are Dental Implants Painful?

Precautions You Should Take With Dental Implants

Precautions You Should Take With Dental Implants

What Are The Precautions You Should Take With Dental Implants?

So you’ve finally regained your dazzling smile by using dental implants to get rid of those damaged and lost teeth.

Congratulations! Now, you need to take certain precautions to ensure your dental implants are protected from damage so they can last longer.

Maintaining Dental Implants

Here are a few precautions you should take after a dental implant procedure:

Refrain from irritating the implant

Once you have a dental implant inserted in your mouth, it is quite likely you could experience some discomfort and be tempted to adjust the implant.

Refrain from doing so because adjusting the implant could cause inflammation and can also result in the implant coming loose in your mouth.

If you do experience discomfort, consult your dental implant specialist in Milton Keynes.

Rinse your mouth with salt water

You dental implant specialist in Milton Keynes will advise you not to brush your teeth for a certain period of time after a dental implant procedure.

Instead, you will need to rinse your mouth with salt water at least thrice a day for about a week after you’ve received the implant.

Eat balanced meals

For the dental implant to become stable, it will have to grow bone around it. Eating balanced meals with an increased intake of calcium will help in building bone will help the implant stick in place firmly and allow it to work perfectly while eating and chewing.

Avoid sports that involve physical contact

If you are into physical sports, take a break from your routine for a week or two or for the duration advised by your dental implantalogist.

Even a slight impact to the implant in the days following the procedure could cause it to shift from its original position which could, in turn, irritate your gums, result in inflammation and cause you discomfort.

Examine the implant frequently

Once the dental implant has been inserted, be sure to examine the implant frequently to check if there is any bleeding or inflammation of the gums around the implant.

Use non-abrasive toothpaste for brushing your teeth

Avoid abrasive toothpaste since the abrasive ingredients in these can erode the implant and damage it even causing the implant to fall off eventually.

Brush with care

Once you stop using salt water for rinsing your mouth and resume brushing your teeth again, you need to take care brush your teeth gently.

Your dental implant dentist might even recommend a special interdental brush.

What Next?

If you follow the above-mentioned recommendations, you can be sure your implants will work perfectly and will last for a longer time.

If you have read about dental implants and are actively considering getting one, our experienced dental implant dentist will be glad to recommend the perfect solution.

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