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My Decision to Choose Dental Implants

“Losing a tooth is a very scary experience especially as a 30 year old woman who now has a gap in my front teeth. It was a decision that I had to think long and hard about as there are so many options to choose from to fill the gap”.

“One of the reasons I chose dental implants as the solution is because I didn’t want to wear a denture at my age as it made me feel like I was a lot older than my years. I felt that my missing tooth seemed to stand out constantly which had a negative impact on my confidence and daily life as I felt that all people could see was the missing tooth when I smiled. As a result I had refused to smile in photos or have any photos taken at all when attending events with friends and family because it felt that all people could see was a gap.”

“I had a consultation with my dentist Dr Sukal Verma who was extremely thorough in my initial examination when we first discussed dental implants as an option, he provided me with all of the risks and benefits of dental implants. He advised that we take a 3D scan of my teeth and jaw to see if dental implants were the right option for me before we went any further which I found very helpful as I was able to visually see the area being treated and any questions that I had could be answered. Once I had decided that I wanted to go through with a dental implant, Dr Verma explained the whole process from start to finish which made me feel a lot more comfortable with having an implant placed. I liked the fact that the tooth could be designed to match my natural teeth and that unless they were told, no one would be able to tell that I had an implant and not a tooth.”

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