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Single Dental Implants in Milton Keynes

A dental implant is the most effective and durable solution to replace missing teeth.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are small titanium artificial root replacements that are permanently embedded into the jawbone, replacing the tooth roots.

Custom-made dental crowns that match your existing teeth are bonded to the top of the implants for complete tooth restoration.

A single tooth dental implant replaces a missing tooth and has a similar feel, function and appearance to a natural tooth.

How we do Dental Implants at Abacus Dental Care Milton Keynes

We use a virtual 3D implant placement technique at Abacus Dental Care Milton Keynes. We use a CBCT Scan (Cone Beam CT Scan) of your jaws and accurately combine it to the 3D Scan of the imprint of your jaws.

Then we place a virtual tooth and implant in this precise (on-screen) virtual 3D model of your jaws, and ‘back plan’ the placement of an implant in the jaw based on the final position of your tooth. This helps us control, to a very precise degree, the depth and angle of placement – thus accurately predicting the final placement of the crown.

We then 3D manufacture a surgical stent with an exacting sleeve which holds the implant drills in place, to facilitate the desired final position.

Why use dental implants to restore missing teeth?

Wearing dentures or having a bridge supported between two crowns may not be your preferred treatment option.

Dental implants are an effective solution to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, with a number of important advantages:

Protect your jawbone – unlike dental bridges, implants reduce the transmission of vibrations to your jawbone which can potentially weaken its structure over time.

Restore eating comfortdental implants are firmly anchored into the jawbone and stimulate new bone growth to secure them in place and restore full chewing power.

Long-lasting – with good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups, dental implants are a durable solution that can last many years and sometimes a lifetime.

Replacing missing teeth reduces the risk of additional oral health issues in addition to:

  • Reducing the stress on other teeth when chewing
  • Preventing the adjacent teeth shifting or tilting towards the gap
  • Improving your eating comfort and dental hygiene
  • Enhancing your smile

What is the treatment for a dental implant?

The general health and integrity of your jawbone is a key factor in the success of dental implants. After reviewing your medical history, your dentist will be able to advise you if dental implants are right for you.

We use a 3D Facial and Dental Imaging System to create a 3D digital image of your face and jaw in the evaluation and preparation of your dental implant treatment. This personalised plan helps increase the precision of the implant placement for better results.

During the treatment, your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area to be treated. The gum is cut open to expose the jawbone. The titanium implant is then permanently secured into the bone.

What happens after a dental implant treatment?

Some patients may feel some temporary soreness, swelling or sensitivity for a few days after the procedure.  After several months, the implant will normally have begun its fusion with the jawbone for maximum strength, stability and longevity.

A dental crown is then custom-made to fit on the implant between your existing teeth, having a virtually identical size, shape and colour to a natural tooth.

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