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Enlighten™ Teeth Whitening in Milton Keynes

Enlighten™ can enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence with a sparkling smile.

What is Enlighten™ Whitening?

Enlighten™ is a teeth-whitening treatment that offers the convenience of home whitening.

It is a safe treatment designed to eliminate stains and tooth discolouration with a high success rate and long-lasting results. Patients can experience teeth up to 16 shades brighter to Vita Shade B1, with long-lasting results.

How does Enlighten™ teeth whitening work?

Your dentist will first establish if teeth-whitening is an appropriate treatment for your teeth. At the first appointment, an impression of your teeth will be taken. A dedicated lab will then make bespoke dental trays that fit snugly over your teeth.

When you come back to the practice to receive your whitening trays, your dentist will show you how to apply the Enlighten™ whitening gel.  Simply repeat the procedure every evening and wear the trays overnight for two weeks.

Dental trays are thin, comfortable and easy to keep clean.

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