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Crown lengthening exposes more of a tooth by the removal of gum and bone tissue.

What is a crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure where gum tissue and sometimes bone is removed from around the base of the tooth to expose more of the visible part of a tooth.

A crown lengthening procedure is used to improve a “gummy” smile where the depth of the gum is disproportionate to the length of the tooth.

In addition, where a tooth requiring restoration is broken below the gum line, a crown lengthening treatment may be needed. This may be the case where a tooth is damaged below the gum or must be prepared to receive a dental crown.

What is the treatment for crown lengthening?

If your dentist recommends a crown lengthening procedure, your teeth, gums and jawbone will be assessed. We will review your medical history and take a series of dental X-rays.

At the start of the procedure, a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area to be treated for optimal comfort. Excess gum tissue is then removed to expose more of one or multiple teeth.

When a tooth base is below the gum line, your periodontist (gum specialist) or dentist may need to remove some bone from around the base of the tooth. This exposes enough of the base in order to be able to carry out the required dental treatment.

What happens after a crown lengthening treatment?

After the procedure, your gums will be sutured and a sterile bandage applied. Some patients can experience minor bleeding.

Healing should begin normally in the hours after your treatment. Your dentist may recommend applying a cold compress if you experience swelling or discomfort.

You will be asked to come back to the practice one or two weeks after the procedure to ensure your gums have healed normally. Your dentist will then inform you of the next stage of your dental restoration.

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