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Cosmetic bonding is a convenient way to enhance your smile in just one appointment.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a modern dental technique to improve the appearance of discoloured, irregular or chipped visible teeth.

A natural-coloured composite resin is applied to the surface of the front teeth to be treated. When the resin hardens, the material can be finished to improve the shape and appearance of teeth.

A cosmetic bonding treatment can also be used to reduce gaps between teeth for a natural-looking smile. Cosmetic bonding is a fast and convenient solution for great looking teeth, typically completed in one appointment.

What is the treatment for cosmetic bonding?

A cosmetic bonding treatment is minimally invasive and normally requires little preparation. The treatment often requires no removal of the tooth surface and so is generally done without the need for an anaesthetic.

Your dentist will begin by lightly roughening the front surface of the teeth to be treated. Dental composite resin is then applied to the tooth. The resin bonds to the surface of the tooth and hardens in a short time under a special dental light.

The composite bonding material is then carefully shaped to improve the form and appearance of teeth.

To finish the treatment, the surface is polished to blend into the surrounding teeth. It is a relatively fast and straight-forward dental procedure with reliable results.

How long does cosmetic bonding last?

With care, a composite bonding treatment can last several years. Cracking or chipping of the resin can occur through biting on hard food or physical impact against the tooth surface.

Cosmetic bonding can be periodically repaired or replaced as required.

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