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Quick Straight Teeth | Milton Keynes

Quick Straight Teeth™ is an affordable, comfortable and effective way of straightening your teeth giving you the smile you want. Sometimes called invisible braces they work by only concentrating on the front six to eight teeth. Quick Straight Teeth™ braces for teeth can correct mild to moderate problems very quickly, making it much more affordable than similar options and also more agreeable to patients who want to have straighter teeth and benefit from affordable braces cost.

Don't fear wearing our Q Fixed, teeth straightening adult braces. Train tracks are not the look we offer. The Quick Straight Teeth™, invisible brace system uses only clear braces and tooth coloured wires, making them virtually invisible in the mouth. Also Quick Straight Teeth™ braces are worn for a very short time in comparison with traditional braces, this means that it is a fast, cost effective way to have straight teeth.

Case no. 1

This lady was unhappy with the upper tooth that was stuck on the inside and the general crowding her front teeth. She had Quick Straight Teeth fixed brace for 6 months and she loves the result!

Case no. 2

This person didn't like the two teeth that were biting the wrong way around. She wore a Quick Straight Teeth fixed brace to correct her bite for four months. During this time the lower teeth were also straightened.

Case 3

This young woman in her late twenties had worn braces when she was a teenager but was not given a retainer to keep them straight. Her teeth had moved again so she wore a Quick Straight Teeth brace for five months to realign her teeth. She now has fixed and removable retainers to prevent further movement.

Case no. 4

This man didn't like the way his front teeth were overlapping and crossed over. Quick Straight Teeth fixed braces were worn for seven months to align his teeth. He Is now proud of his smile and wishes he had done it much sooner!

Case no. 5

This young boys parents were concerned about how his upper front teeth were biting the wrong way around. He did not want to wear fixed braces. So a removable Quick Straight Teeth brace was worn for three months to correct this problem.