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5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

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Dental emergencies usually include issues that have to do with the teeth, jaw, gum, and mouth and requires immediate treatment. This may not necessarily be causing any form of discomfort, but in some instances, it could also include having pains in these areas.

Choosing the right emergency dentist will not only help save time but will also save resources while ensuring you and your loved ones receive the best dental care when there is an emergency. But there are some things you need to carefully put into consideration when making a choice of an emergency dentist. Below are the top 5 factors to guide you through.

#1: Carefully consider the reputation of the dentist

When it comes to times of emergency, the best way to relieve any pain and discomfort is to visit a dentist you can trust. One way to be sure you are visiting a competent dentist is to take a look at his or her reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other online platforms.

Choosing a dentist with a very good reputation in dentistry will make you relax, knowing that you will receive the best oral care treatment for your emergency needs.

#2: Check their accessibility and waiting time

It is very important to choose an emergency dentist with a real-time dental scheduling platform and one that won’t keep you waiting when you visit.

Getting a timely treatment can help prevent future dental problems. For instance, when a patient suffering from a periodontal disease that may result in tooth loss arrives at a dental clinic, it should be treated immediately.

So, when choosing your emergency dentist, ensure you consider the availability of your dentist. A dentist that operates within a broad range of hours means he or she will be available to give you fast treatment when you needed it most. Always check their working hours so you won’t be disappointed when an emergency comes.

#3: Quality of care and facilities

If you are looking to have good oral health, you need to choose a perfect dentist that will treat you for both regular dental treatments and emergency. So, ask your friends and family for recommendations of a good dentist. Do this before visiting any dental office.

Look out for standard care facilities, and if you are considering the same emergency dentist for your kids, I will suggest you also consider fun and friendly environment that will make your kids feel relax and calm.

#4: Affordability

This is another important factor to put into considerations. The costs of dental emergencies do vary based on the dental option and procedure involved. Simple procedures tend to be far cheaper than more intricate dental treatments.

#5: Also consider its proximity to your home

How far is your home from your emergency dentist? It is an emergency, so you need to get treatments as soon as you can. But when your emergency dentist is far away from your home, it could cause delayed treatment which could lead to some unexpected complications. So, when you are choosing your emergency dentist, make sure you are choosing one that is not very far away from you.

Know Why Invisible Braces Are Best To Get Teeth Straightened

Know Why Invisible Braces Are Best To Get Teeth Straightened

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Best Option to Get Straight Teeth? Invisible Braces

So, you’ve grown weary of your crooked teeth and have finally decided to get your teeth straightened with Invisible Braces in Milton Keynes.

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first determined step towards improving the appearance of your smile, but you aren’t particularly comfortable with the idea of wearing those unsightly metal braces.

Fear not. With the many advances in cosmetic dentistry, braces have evolved over time and now you have the option of using invisible braces for getting a perfectly straight set of teeth without having to experience the discomfort and social stigma usually associated with conventional, metal braces.

What are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are also called Invisalign, lingual braces or clear aligners and are being increasingly used as a replacement to traditional metal braces which, in addition to being terribly uncomfortable, could also impair your ability to speak and eat.

How do Invisible Braces work?

Invisible braces work in an exact manner as conventional metal braces. The only difference is that they are attached behind your teeth instead of the front.

This makes them completely invisible and the perfect teeth alignment solution for people concerned about their appearance.

Clear aligners (e.g Invisalign): These are gradually becoming popular among adolescents and teens who want a practically invisible alternative and cannot adjust to the discomfort caused by metal/ceramic brackets and wires.

Clear aligners are generally better suited for treating mild to moderately severe problems and since, these are removable, there is always a chance of forgetting to wear them.

Benefits of using invisible braces:

  • Lingual braces are invisible, clear aligners are near invisible. So you don’t have to worry about flashing a ‘metallic’ smile if you’re using these.
  • Provide a higher degree of comfort as compared to metallic braces.
  • Help in maintaining good oral hygiene since food particles don’t get stuck in these as can happen with conventional metal braces.
  • Invisible braces, being removable (clear aligners) are easier to clean and maintain.

Who should use invisible braces?

Invisible braces can be used by anyone who does not want the discomfort and unsightly looks associated with wearing metal braces.

These are especially suited for adults who want to fix their crooked teeth while maintaining a professional look, teens and young adults who are concerned about their style and appearance and anyone playing wind instruments or sports involving physical contact (sports like boxing, soccer, rugby etc).

What next?

If you have decided to get your teeth straightened and are exploring wearing invisible braces in Milton Keynes, please call one of our experienced cosmetic dentists at Abacus Dental by using our Contact Form.