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Fixed Tooth Colour Braces



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Fixed Braces in Milton Keynes

If you need fitted braces but want a more discreet option, you may want to consider tooth coloured ones.  This brace that is permanently fitted to your teeth to be treated until they have been moved into the correct place.  They are extremely effective and very popular, they will correct even some of the toughest tooth alignment issues.


So how does a fixed brace work?

Fixed braces are made from brackets and wires, these are attached to the teeth using bonding techniques.  The brackets can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic or plastic.  Fixed braces can be attached to the upper and lower teeth.  Be aware this type of brace is not as invisible as the Invisalign style, but it is usually clear or tooth coloured so does not look unsightly. 

If you decide to proceed with a tooth coloured brace, we will be bond it to your natural teeth to hold it in place.  It can also be clear or tooth coloured.  The ceramic tooth coloured braces are usually more expensive than the all-metal versions.  Some of the more sophisticated versions have a door that can be opened and closed to adjust the wire, referred to as a "self-litigation" brace.  They are definitely easier to clean and do not require quite so many visits to see the dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will treatment take?

It usually takes between twelve and twenty four months but will vary according to how severe your case is. Try to make all your appointments as failed and cancelled appointments aalso breakages of the braces will add to the overall treatment time.

What foods can I eat?

You can sometimes experience difficulty eating initially however this will ease after one or two days.

Do not eat-

  • Boiled sweets, toffees, chocolate bars, chewing gum, lollies or potato crisps.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks (including diet drinks), drink fruit juices moderately, avoid flavoured milks and sport drinks, especially between meals.
  • Also avoid hard foods which can damage the braces such as crunchy apples, raw carrots, crusty bread rolls, pizza crusts, etc.  Cut up these foods into small pieces.

Will it be painful?

Your teeth can be tender for about one to two days each time the braces are adjusted. Sometimes pain killers such as the ones you would normally take for a headache may help.
If the braces rub your lips or cheeks, we can provide you with some wax to help with this.