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Do I have to change my eating habits?

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Basically no there are very few restrictions for denture wearers, once you get used to wearing them. Dentures are not and never will be as efficient as real teeth. If you experience any eating difficulties it is important to contact your dentist. Poorly fitting dentures can contribute to eating difficulties and stress for the wearer. Well fitting dentures are vital for enjoying a well-balanced diet that includes a wide range of foods.

How Long Will My Dentures Last?

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Dentures are durable but that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. They can discolour, chip, break, and bend out of shape. With good care your dentures should last for many years. Here are some great tips for maintaining the appearance and maximising the life of your dentures.

  • Use a brush designed for dentures and a denture cleaner. Don't use regular toothpaste as it can be too harsh for dentures
  • Keep your dentures in a container of denture-cleaning solution or water
  • Soak them in warm, not hot water as hot water can damage their shape
  • Use a cleansing tablet once a week to kill odour-causing bacteria

Dentures offer many benefits to the people who wear them. Sometimes they make take some initial adjustment so they can enhance your smile as well as your long-term confidence. Try and see your dentist at least once a year to evaluate fit and appearance.